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We are a brand new site and we have focussed on ensuring your data is totally secure. There may be a few bugs (technical not creepy crawly!), like spelling errors, colouring or display stuff. So if you spot an error we would be grateful if you send us a very detailed email explaining the circumstances ( Don't forget to include your username so we can get in touch :-) Thanks!
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Our Story
SimplyShia started out as we were seeking to find our Shia soulmates. We felt that family introductions and matchmakers are helpful, but to complement these channels we also wanted to take control of our own search.
We felt that online matchmaking in the Shia community should be as beneficial as it seems to be in non-Muslim communities.
We wanted to create something professional, smart, appealing,discreet, secure and halal.
We think that YOU should be in control of your search for a life partner, so that you can complete your faith. We believe SimplyShia should be used alongside family introductions, traditional matchmakers and other methods…. You should even consult family when using SimplyShia.
Over time as we develop this service, we hope we can offer you even more opportunities to integrate these different avenues. Insha'allah you will be successful in your search.