Work with us
We at are simply social. We don't like working alone and always love to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions. So get in touch with us on . We also have opportunities for specific partnerships such as:
We offer promotions to selected charities and charitable causes. We can offer you free banner adverts in SimplyShia.
We are proudly promoting the Abdullah water appeal which is raising funds for use in creating safe drinking water facilities in the developing world, please donate generously. They are working in partnership with a well known charity, WaterAid.
SimplyShia is simply global. We want to give every single Shia the opportunity to find love. To spread the message tell your friends, family, community groups and strangers! If you would like to get more formally involved with us, please send an email telling us a little about yourself and how you can promote our service.
Matchmakers and Community Groups
We believe that you should use traditional and modern methods in your search including community groups, family, matchmakers and our favourite,!
We really want to help everyone find their soulmate and want to offer more features and opportunities for communities and matchmakers.
If you are a reputable matchmaker, get in touch, give us some suggestions and you may also be able to be involved with our offline matchmaker program as that develops. (
If you run or represent a community group and you can think of ways we can help members of your community get in touch. (
Advertisers and Sponsors
We have space for advertising within SimplyShia so if you would like to promote your product or service drop us a line. (
We also want to execute an exciting program of investment for SimplyShia over the next few years and welcome any company which wants to sponsor a new feature. You would get your name in headlights and effectively get a permanent advertisement (we will incorporate your company name and logo into the new feature!)
Report Bugs
We are a brand new site and may have a few bugs (the electronic kind not the creepy crawly kind). So if you spot an error or an issue with our site, we would be very very grateful if you send us a very detailed email ( explaining the circumstances. Don't forget to include your username so we can get in touch. We will thank you many times over!!
Job Opportunities
We have some exciting posts available for an intern. If you want to build your CV, are either at university of fresh out of university, get in touch and we can send you the job spec. We are looking for someone who wants to build business and marketing skills and the project involves a lot of guidance and training - excellent experience with a new startup! Send your CV to (
Partner with us
If you are looking for a niche technology solution for your community or any other grouping get in touch, and lets see if we can work together.