Marriage in Islam
Mutual pairs, symbolic of the harmony of nature, are existent throughout the world, and human partnership is no exception, as shown in the verse of the Qur`an:
We can see that Islam is a religion rooted in values and principles such as love and affection, mercy and benevolence, and empathy and compassion, and it is clear how the Qur`an considers these as an intrinsic part of marriage. In fact, the Qur`an goes further and emphasises not only that marriage is recommended but also barriers such as finance should not be used as obstacles to the pursuit of nature:
Yet marriage is not only seen as natural but also a religious preference as shown by two famous narrations from Prophet Muhammad (SAW):
The sanctity of the marriage institution is not only founded on being a natural and religious goal of life, but also on the ability to create a family unit itself.
It is the family unit, which is the nurturer of the next generation of Muslim citizens of the world. It is the family unit, which has the potential to create generations of active participants in society. And it is the family unit, the Ahl ul Bayt, which created the most noble lineage in the history of mankind.