Salaam alaikum

We want to hear you success stories, comments and experiences on SimplyShia. Drop us an email and share by emailing testimonials@SimplyShia.com If you share your success story with us and we feature your story and video interview on this page, we will give you a wedding present worth £500 (or local currency equivalent) for the start of your life together. Please do get in touch with any comments, experiences or just to invite us to your wedding, insha’allah!



A selection of testimonials to June 2012

"Salaam, I have found someone through simply shia. Thank you very much and may Allah reward you for your work. Allah Hafiz"


"Salamualkium Sara

My name is [   ] and actually i would like you to know that i got married to [    ] in march 2012

we met back then sight just started with the ad on ahulbayt tv in sept of 2010.

Thank You and Bless You for allowing us to be introduced

Jazakum allah kheir"

"Your website got me to find my soulmate and we intend on thanking you somehow once we are officially married inshallah :)

God bless,

"salamm Sara how are you and your  familly ? I  just want to tell you Thank you !for you and your team hard work  Mashallah and ,I got MARRIED back "

Thank you for your wonderful service. I have found my partner and prefer to get off the website. My partner was from Simply shia. Thanks alot."


Testimonials in October 2010

"The Simply Shia website is really good.. I've been on the site for a couple of weeks and found that it's easy to use and particularly like the icebreaker feature on there....anyways- a fab effort on your part! "     Anonymous member

"Thank you for contacting me and asking for my views.


I did not realise you are only 11 weeks old I am really impressed with the progress you have already made – there are already several men in my age group.

I really like the fresh modern look of the Simply Shia site which still appeals to us oldest too!

I like that I can see who is or has been on line indicating how interested they are in finding their soul-mate or perhaps they are presently speaking to someone. 

I did find it hard to limit what I wanted to say due to your word count limit but that is probably good as I do tend to go on and on :-("   Anonymous member


Testimonials in August 2010

"Alhamdolilla this is a beautiful website and I am finding it so easy to use. May Allah bless you and bless me with finding my future husband"      RGirl
"This is a needed service for Shias. Our dua's are with you"
"It is professionally done with a good and inclusive code of conduct. Jazakallah for the nice work" scholar