Code of Conduct

SimplyShia is designed to be a safe environment for you to search for and find your soulmate. We require all members to follow the Code of Conduct to ensure everyone on SimplyShia benefits.

For clarity, whilst Mut'a (temporary marriage) is halal within the bounds of the Ja'fari school of thought, is ONLY for users seeking Nikah (permanent marriage). Also, this site is for people who are currently unmarried only.

Communicating on

  • Be polite
    • Treat others with respect, politeness and Islamic etiquette
    • Do not use abusive or offensive language. If you do not want to communicate with someone any further, a polite message is all you need
  • Honesty is the best policy: Be honest and present yourself well
    • Your profile is your advert. Don't be afraid to be light hearted and give people a full insight into your personality
    • SimplyShia is a marriage site and the best way to find the right partner is to be honest and not embellish the facts
  • It's good to talk: Get to know the person
    • Although the following is not compulsory, here's our advice on using the site:
      • Use our whole range of communication tools to get to know someone after reading their profile- start by expressing interest (send a salaam), get to know some more about them using our icebreakers and then message them or send them instant messages.
    • Don't just request photos straight away. Get to know someone and find out more about who they really are!
    • If you receive random photo requests, we recommend you message them saying - 'get to know a little about me first!'
    • Before you share personal contact details, get comfortable with them on SimplyShia - we are here to help when you communicate via our site
  • Help us regulate the community
    • is your website. Our administrators screen profiles, but if you find anything suspicious, receive spam or find another user in breach of the Code of Conduct, please make sure you let us know

Meeting up

  • We recommend you get your family involved in your spouse selection even when you are using SimplyShia
  • Once you have decided someone could be the one, you may want to meet. If you are meeting alone, we recommend you take any normal precautions you would when you meet someone new such as:
    • Meet in a public place
    • Tell someone where you are meeting
  • If you need any help, let us know. Our offline matchmaker service may be able to help you with meetings for arranging a chaperone to helping you do family introductions.

Getting married

  • We wish you every success with your search, and insha'allah you will find your soulmate
  • If you marry someone you have met on make sure you tell us about it. If we feature you on the site, we could give you a $500 (or local currency equivalent) wedding present!
  • Oh - and we love to go weddings - feel free to invite us :)